Whenever we think of a birthday, holiday or special event, we usually try to find an appropriate gift. If it is a wedding, the bride and groom will go to a store, usually a chain, and make a list of what they would like. Generally, their choices are items for their home. That way we can be sure the gift is something the couple needs and/or wants for everyday living. Likewise, at birthday or holiday time we try to observe or ask others for suggestions as to a gift that would be valued.
Have you ever stopped to think of gifts that you have received that were very special? This is a way that we remember relatives or friends that have given us the best gift or as I call it, the “Cream of the Crop”. This gift is very personal and reminds us of happy times in our life or in the life of a loved one. Every time we see it, we are reminded of that person or time.
What special occasion do you have in the near future? Is it a wedding, a birthday, a graduation or are you getting a head start on the holidays? What do you have stored in a bag or a box that would bring back special memories for someone? It may be tee shirts, a wedding gown, a mink coat, or Dad’s shirt and ties. Whatever it might be, there is someone we know who would appreciate a gift that reminds them of that very special time in their life.
Here is a pillow made from Grandmother’s wedding gown that was used as a ring bearer pillow. It is now displayed in the bride and grooms bedroom so that every time they come into that room, the wonderful memories of their wedding will greet them.