It doesn’t matter what style, type or age of wedding gown you may have. It might have belonged to your Grandmother, your Mother, you or another beloved family member, there is always something that would you would like. It could be a christening gown, a pillow, a small purse, a teddy bear; the list is endless. Whatever you decide.
There is such a warm feeling whenever you enter a room and see an item that brings back good memories. I have a teddy bear sitting on my bedroom dresser that I made from family heirlooms. Whenever I enter that room, the first thing I see is the bear, and no matter what type of day I have been having the bear puts me into a better frame of mind. I remember the homemade Christmas cookies, the shopping trips, the delicious lemon chiffon pie. All of the memories that are associated with that teddy bear.
These items also make very special gifts. Mother’s Day will be here soon, you may have a wedding, a christening, a special person’s birthday, or an anniversary. What can you do to make these events extra special