Corgi Butts

A Great Easter Gift


Ok, how strange is that title?  Has Marilyn really gone MAD?  No, I’ve just come up with a great new design that will be fun for kids.  Well, I can’t really claim the design, as it (as often happens) comes from a customer. 

It is getting close to Easter, and I am wondering what to give my grandchildren.  They are getting too old for Easter baskets, Mom and Dad give them chocolate, a card gets thrown in the wastebasket, and money is just that – money.

A few weeks ago my friend, Roberta, showed me a picture of a picture of a “Corgi Butt” pillow; and asked, “Can you do this?”.  She then went on to show me this picture of one of the cutest pillows I had seen recently.  Roberta’s dog is a Corgi, and she decorates her home with whimsical pillows, etc.  I proceeded to make them for her; and during this time I visited four of my grandchildren who also have a Corgi.  When I showed them the picture, they fell in love with it. 

Fast forward to last week, when I received a call from my son telling me that the kids are fighting over the “Corgi Butt” and showing it to all their friends.  They also sit and hug it when they are watching tv. “Mom, we need two more.”  The very same day I was at a Chamber meeting, and another customer asked me to make two more for his kids.

Today as I was thinking about my blog and what would everyone be interested in, the thought came into my head to share the “Corgi Butt” idea with all of you. 

Corgi Butts