What Happens When Your Favorite Bag Wears Out?

If you are like me, you find a bag that you like, buy it and carry it for years. After several years (I usually have one for fall and winter and one for spring and summer) this favorite bag that you’ve carried, know where to place all your items and feel like it’s an old friend; starts to wear out. The outside may be worn, perhaps the lining is torn (I’ve found $5 of change in the bottom of a bag when a hole develops in the bottom or side pocket). I hate to think about trying to find another one that I like as much as the one I consider an old friend.
So, I came up with another idea. I would design and construct another bag like the one I love. Perhaps I can improve it by changing or adding pockets, adding fringe to update the look, or change the fabric to a washable, leather, or pleather finish.
If you are in the same place now and hate to replace a great bag, contact us at Marilyn Arnold Designs to design another bag that you will love to carry.