Each of us has our own special style that encompasses our choices in living every day. You may like country, modern, Victorian, or simply comfortable. Tt is the same way with your wedding or your daughter’s wedding. Mom may want lace and ruffles, but the bride wants burlap or camo. How can the bride have her own theme but also warm her Mother’s heart by including a piece of nostalgia or as we know it “something old”?
One good way that I have found is the “Bouquet Wrap” As happens so many times, my customers bring me ideas of their own or something they have seen. The most recent idea that answers the question above is the Bouquet Wrap.
Simply take a piece of lace and/or satin (the best thing about the wrap is that it can incorporate any fabric whether it is camo, burlap or satin plus lace and/ or buttons. Your imagination can take over.), add any of the embellishments from Mom or Grandma’s wedding gown and you have a beautiful wrap for the bride’s bouquet that can be used for generations to come.

Simplicity Adds Elegance to Your Wedding